Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Girlfriends Forever And Ever

By Filzah Athirah

Hello ladies!

Curiosity got me looking up "girlfriends" on Google and an article on Huffington Post entitled "Can You Trust A Girl With No Girlfriends?" got my attention. It was a really refreshing read for me and I could totally relate to it, having gone through that whole "only-boy-bestfriends-'cause-I-can't-handle-girl-drama" phase.

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Sure, boy-bestfriends are amazing and they're the sweetest bunch you'll ever come to know. They'd always have your back and their hoodies are always there for you on a cold, gloomy morning - much like wearable hugs! Of course, there are tons of other reasons why guy friends are the best.

Although kicking their asses on FIFA and winning in burping contests may sound like fun, you'd start to miss "girl world" when you realize that some things are just not the same with guys.

Girlfriends have a really special relationship. When you're with your girls, everything feels right. You can talk about absolutely everything under the sun from boy problems to food and the endless gossips about that same girl you all hate. Here's five reasons your girlfriends are your secret soulmates:

1. They cry together with you

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Pour your heart out on them and they'll start bawling with you, realizing how much you've been suffering alone in silence. Something guys are incapable of - they can be the best listening ear or shoulder to cry on but won't bring themselves to "feel you" enough to cry.

2. You can read each other's minds

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Just give her that look and you know she's thinking of the exact same thing. You can say "That dress on her is hideous" just through eye contact and then start cracking up at this coincidence. That's how deep your connection is with your girlfriends and it goes to show you know one another inside out. Guys would wonder: Is this psychic? Intuition? Or telepathy? I think it's almost magic.

3. They doll you up

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Got a hot date tonight? Well, you can't let your own nervous hands ruin your eyeliner, can you? Girlfriends do your makeup (and hair!) without even asking. They share tips and use their personal favorites to make sure you look like a million bucks. Guys? They just cringe and freak at the idea of eyelash curlers.

4. (Over)Reactions are more fun with girls

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This is very much how you'll react in public together when: 
1) Topshop is having a sale
2) That hunk of a footballer dumps that girl you hate
3) Getting As for the classes you skipped to hit the malls

5. Tireless retail therapies

You girls can circle the mall for hours in heels combing every store and never get tired. You know each other's style and are brutally honest. The fitting rooms turn into your personal runway and you take countless selfies together, modeling the clothes. With the lads, they'll be whining after getting into the third store. Pfft.

Whether they're your BFFs, bossom buddies, golden girls - or whatever you call them - what you have is special and powerful and you'll never share this bond with any other species on Earth. If you don't have any at the moment, be patient! They'll surely come by. Or you could start by approaching potential BFFs first!

Love this post or think otherwise? I'd love to hear what you think. Or you could keep the list going and share what you can do with your girlfriends that you can't with guys. Leave me a comment, and share it!